About the Studio

The Studio was founded by Louis PAKEL in late 2019. In order to be able to carry out missions on various subjects and issues. The studio specializes in the creation of video games, mods, and custom applications.

From small to large companies, each client is unique and has its own expectations. The studio offers maintenance for short term events.

As well as testing and debugging of projects on a short and long term basis.

More informations about the founder : https://louispakel.fr/


All services provided by the studio.


We use Unity Engine to develop applications for Android or IOS.

Video Games

For assignments concerning video game development, We work alone on the development. We use Unity 3D to realize my work.

Expertises / Consulting

Expertise or consultation on small projects, in order to improve project performance.


For software development, I can adapt to existing technology or learn new ones.


Creation of custom mods for video games like Among US, Roblox or Fortnite


Performing functional tests, improving unit tests. Beta testing of products.


Recent projects, developed by the Studio


Video Games

Crazy Sheep

Video Games / December 2021


Mods / August 2021 - September 2021

Meta Toutatis

Video Games / Mods / December 2022 - April 2023

The Sandbox Alpha 3

Consulting / October 2022